Syllabus 2015

So this year, I am a little less ambitious with the breadth of topics I would like to focus on; but possibly (hopefully) more accurate.

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I Learned Something Old

Often times I am working in terminal - bash - and I find that I have 2 - 3 tabs open for a given project. What I learned - and am writing about - is how to send jobs to the background so I can again use the terminal tab / window as well as kill jobs and restart them.

Bash, Cool Stuff, Productivity

Getting Started With Git

Version control is not just for large teams or enterprises. Version control is for anyone, with a desire to gain some piece of mind when making changes to any system of any size, with ease.

Git, Best Practices, Opinion

Coding Kata

Kata are exercises that are meant to convert deliberate actions into muscle memory. They are exercises to help you become more natural at a given action. Simply completing an action is not the goal of a Kata, one must repeatedly practice to convert action to in-action; the very zen statement "do nothing" does not mean to simply be lazy.

JavaScript, Learning

Survival Skills for IT Weekend

What good is it if you have the materials but not the expertise?

Survival Skills, Adventure, Learning, Friends

My 2014 Syllabus

I have a lot that I would like to learn and accomplish *professionally* this year (2014). In an effort to organize myself and an attempt to make good on -at least some of - these I think it would be good - if not daunting - to make a list and refer back to it later.

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Plug-able APIs

The most important idea I ever learned in JavaScript programming, I learned from looking through the jQuery source.

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Airbnb Style Guide Diff

I agree with almost everything in the [Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide](// I will discuss some of my discrepancies with it. I will admit that I have been influenced by the one, the only, Douglas Crockford (papa-Crock).

JavaScript, Best Practices, Opinion

I Made A Blog!

I wanted a place to publish articles I write; which would also hopefully inspire me to write more consistently, if not often.


Commander JavaScript

A simple introduction to the Command Pattern and some reasons why it might be a great pattern to use in JavaScript.

JavaScript, Design Patterns

I Want To Do This

I sometimes have good ideas, and some of those times I actually attempt to do something about them. This is not one of those times so I am going to write about it to hopefully inspire someone to do it for me and thank me endlessly for the idea.


Be Good At Your Job

You have one job in life and that is to be good at whatever it is you do.

Self Improvement


I wrote a simple slides parser / formatter and presenter library in JavaScript, jQuery, and Markdown; OK, and some CSS and HTML.

CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Markdown