About Me

Who are you?

I am a problem solver, a code poet, a software engineering artisan, and JavaScript journeyman. I enjoy what I do, which is probably why I often do, what I do, for fun.

What do you do?

I enjoy creating usable 'things'. Professionally, I am a Sr. Software Engineer at Quicken Loans specializing in JavaScript and APIs.

The one common theme through all of my working career is that I enjoy creating.

Why do you do, what you do?

I find adventure in transforming something complex into something elegant and simple. I like to think that the work I do helps others do theirs easier.

Where do you do, what you do?


Anything else?

I sometimes practice photography. Art has always been a passion of mine. I am a sucker for good stories (movies, TV shows, books, theatre, etc.). I also enjoy traveling, building, music, and more.